Balax All+

Rp 470,000
Speed   8.5
Control   7.0
Stiffness   5.0 - Average
Hardness   5.7 - Medium
Consistency   8.3 - Always identical
Overall   7.7
Plies   5
Materials   Balsa core; outer plies are Fineline; inner plies are Koto plywood
The Blax ALL+ is a very lightweight all-round blade with a balsa center that is 4.5 mm thick. The super-soft playing feel combined with very good speed are what you need for a successful all-round to offensive strategy. The advantages of the Blax technology will give you self-confidence, even in tight matches. Very good ball control. Recommended for players of all playing levels. 6.02? (15.3 cm).

andro Blax Technology

New Blax Blades with Crossply Superlite Technology

Blax blades contain pure abachi wood fibers assembled in a rectangular grid. This strengthens the balsa core and prevents distortion during hard strokes. The amazingly fast oscillation absorption eliminates annoying blade vibration. The result is the ideal ball feel!

Higher ball bounce across the whole blade area

Extremely large sweet spot

High level of tolerance for mistakes

Fast vibration absorption

Excellent ball feel

Light weight due to balsa core

Balsa core with wood-fiber-strengthened crossply construction. Plies 1 and 5: fineline. Plies 2 and 4: koto plywood. Center ply: extremely light balsa with abachi crossply struts.

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