Curl P-H

Rp 425,000
Speed       5.4
Spin       6.3
Control       8.0
Deception       6.7
Reversal       5.6
Weight       2.4 - Light
Sponge Hardness       5.8 - Medium
Consistency       9.0 - Always identical

TSP Curl P-H - Slow Latest Long Pip from TSP!
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-interesting long-pimple alternative for all players who are playing close to the table -allows short backspin push shots Curl P-H long-pimple rubber was produced with the longest and widest pips that the rules allow. Curl P-H has the ability to produce a unique "knuckle ball" effect on shots, as well as effective speed for offensive shots. CURL P-H allows short backspin push shots over the table, that are not possible with other long-pimple rubbers.

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