Desto F3 BS

Rp 380,000
Speed 7,8
Spin 8,5
Control 8,5
Sponge : Soft
We recommend DONIC DESTO F3 BigSlam to the following players.

DONIC DESTO F3 BigSlam is recommended for players who have previously
used speed glue and for those who value sound and outstanding ball
control qualities rather than maximum speed. BigSlam will be a
popular choice once speed glue is banned. Available: in Red and Black
- 1.8mm / 2.0mm / MAX

The sound of speed gluing has been captured in F3 BigSlam rubbers:
F3 BigSlam generates a loud crack when you hit the ball!

This is the loudest DESTO FORMULA rubber that DONIC has ever produced.
DONIC DESTO F3 BigSlam reproduces the loud sound that you got during
the classic times of speed gluing. However, this rubber does not
require speed glue and must not be speed glued! The distinctive sound
has been firmly and permanently incorporated into the rubber. BigSlam
is somewhat softer, but not significantly slower than its successful
sibling DESTO F3. It has the same amazing simple ball control, but
gives the same effect as optimum speed glue. Whether you prefer DESTO
F3 or DESTO F3 BigSlam is a matter of taste - or, should we say, of
sound preference.

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