Neos Sound STECH

Rp 420,000
Speed       8.5
Spin       8.6
Control       8.3
Tackiness       1.3 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle       4.0 - Medium
Weight       2.3 - Light
Sponge Hardness       2.3 - Medium-soft
Gears       7.6 - Many gears
Durability       5.7 - Average durability
Consistency       8.3

Neos Sound Synergy Tech rubber is the combined collaborative effort of top table tennis chemists from Sweden and Japan. This effort took over one year of intense research and development in concert with the development of water-based VOC-free speed glue.

Players want their rubber to do it all: More speed. Higher spin. Greater control. Louder sound. Increased elasticity. STIGA’s Neos Sound Synergy Tech rubber combines all these goals. The X factor is how STIGA got everything to interact at the nano-molecular level to ensure that you have the complete package on all your shots.

The synthesis of speed, spin, control, sound, and elasticity make Neos Sound Synergy Tech rubber unbeatable.

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