Neos Sound

Rp 300,000
Speed       8.6
Spin       7.0
Control       7.8
Tackiness       2.8 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle       3.3 - Medium-low
Weight       2.0 - Light
Sponge Hardness       2.5 - Medium-soft
Gears       4.6 - Average
Durability       6.3 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency       8.3

STIGA breaks the top rubber sheet barrier with new Mega Tension technology. STIGA\'s Air-Capsule System (ACS) has become a huge success all over the world, with five extremely popular rubber sheets: Magna, Innova Premium, Innova, Innova Ultra Light and Radical. In all these rubber sheets the ACS technology is applied to the sponge and allows for very high speed to be combined with maximum springiness/elasticity in an ultra light rubber with outstanding control. Now STIGA\'s R&D department has been able to apply the Air-Capsule System to the top sheet. This new cutting edge rubber technology further increases the advantages of the Air-Capsule System, creating an even more responsive rubber sheet with more tension. The results of this new technology - Mega Tension - have so far been amazing! With Mega Tension the \"molecule-walls\" are thinner than ordinary top sheets. This feat creates more tension without increasing the weight of the rubber, causing quicker rubber recovery. STIGA is proud to introduce NEOS rubber sheets with Mega Tension technology in combination with ACS sponge. NEOS SOUND - Ultra light, extra speed. Approximately 15% lighter than a regular rubber sheet.

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