Rp 3450,000
Speed       8.1
Spin       8.3
Control       9.0
Tackiness       0.9 - Completely non-tacky
Throw Angle       6.2 - Medium-high
Weight       2.6 - Light
Sponge Hardness       0.2 - Soft
Gears       8.5 - Many gears
Durability       8.4 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency       9.6

The Thrill of the Rally

SOLCION is the softest of the Butterfly High Tension racket coverings. "The Thrill of the Rally". It is at the heart of table tennis. It is sheer enjoyment. The High Tension technology of SOLCION gives the same feeling for the ball and the same sound as if speed glue has been used. If you require good control in your High Tension rubber, the answer is SOLCION

20-degree sponge

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