Rp 320,000
Speed       3.5
Spin       4.5
Control       8.5
Deception       7.0
Reversal       7.5
Weight       2.0 - Light
Sponge Hardness       (not rated)
Consistency       5.0 - Occasional variations

Your opponent will want to avoid these spines - using this rubber you can effortlessly defend against any attacks. SpinLord Stachelfeuer is a rubber with a completely new type of extremely slow long pimples. Frictionless long pimples are a thing of the past - now you can have Stachelfeuer! Control which did not exist before, combined with a high destructive effect, now make possible a variable defensive game both directly at the table and also from mid-distance.

The SpinLord Stachelfeuer has, like all SpinLord rubbers, lasting ITTF approval.

SpinLord is a new German brand founded in the year 2009 with the goal of setting a new standard of quality in table tennis.

Others are more expensive - SpinLord is better! Welcome to the table tennis brand of the future!

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