Treiber H

Rp 720,000
Speed   7.0
Control   7.0
Stiffness   3.0 - Some flex
Hardness   5.2 - Medium
Consistency   5.0 - Occasional variations
Overall   7.0
Materials   Koto, synthetic fiber
Head Thickness  
Head Dimensions  
Handle Dimensions  
The high-tech synthetic H-fibre interlayers are positioned directly around the Koto core-veneer. This makes the difference to ordinary synthetic blades. The characteristics of the timber veneer come to the fore resulting enormous ball feeling and control. Especially spin-oriented strokes and the service-return-play take advantage of this. Powerspins from any position become possible and work up your opponents� sweat. An extraordinary blade for extraordinary sensitive players.

Treiber Technology

Synthetic fibre enlarges the sweetspot and avoids distortion. Direct play feeling through Koto outer veneers.

Optimal weight balance for convenient handling.

for a soft but powerful touch!

for spinny offensive play with enormous feeling!

for variable offensive play enabling hard winners!

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