Tronum Carbotox OFF

Rp 770,000
Speed   8.5
Control   9.3
Stiffness   7.0 - Stiff
Hardness   6.0 - Medium
Consistency   7.5 - Always identical
It is time for something new! Something strong. Something that is totally different compared to common materials and the experiences you made with them. It is the time for andro Tronum Carbotox and andro Tronum Aratox! Carbotox and Aratox are totally new synthetic fibres that provide an exciting feeling due to their structure and the way they are integrated into the plywood composition. While common synthetic fibres go along with a hard and direct feeling, Carbotox and Aratox cause a notable softer feeling. Thus the andro Tronum blade line closes the gap between blades made of pure wood (softer feeling) and blades with synthetic fibres (hard, direct feeling) perfectly.

The speed of a blade with synthetic fibre inside combined with the feedback of a pure-wooden blade and on top of that maximum feeling. Impossible? Well, andro Tronum Carbotox makes it possible! The answer to the riddle is the newly developed synthetic fibre Carbotox which is installed directly underneath the outer plies. Its special structure and the fact that it is slightly thinner than common synthetic fibres provides this blade with a unique feeling. This certain feeling opens the door for difficult speed variations without losing control. A high flying curve lets dreams and effective topspins come true. This blade conveys pure fun!

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