Pro XP

Rp 125,000
Speed   7.4
Spin   8.8
Control   9.0
Tackiness   6.0 - Medium tacky
Throw Angle   5.5 - Medium
Weight   2.5 - Light
Sponge Hardness   1.3 - Soft
Gears   5.4 - Above average gears
Durability   6.9 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   8.2
- Next generation of rubber formulation
- Superior mechanical grip
- Thin top sheet with unique rubber pip structure
- Fitted for mid distance loop and counter drive attack

Pro XP is a great choice for players who want the ability to perform effectively off the table. This is difference from classic Chinese rubber. The top sheet is supple and very thin. PRO XP has an extremely elastic under pip structure that will allow the rubber ample time to load spin prior to release.

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